Time Management: Convert Travel Time To Work Time And Add A Week Each Month To Things That Really Matter

Learn how to manage your time and turn wasted time to work time devoted to things that really matter. An average manager wastes on the road, almost a week per month on commuting to from work and traveling during work. Available Technologies today, enable to convert the wasted time to work time, dedicated to the most important issues. “Not enough time” is a frequent manager’s complaint for not dedicating time to the most important things. “Not enough time” is also frequently managers’ excuse of not being updated with changing consumer’s interests, and new developments and industry trends which affect eventually the future of any company. Today, more than ever, the speed of change should be a major manager’s concern, in order to survive. The rapid changes in economy, new consumer’s trends, information blast, changes in work environments and worker’s interests, all emphasize the importance of being awake and keeping fingers on the pulse. Most managers cannot afford to spend time during work to read work related literature. Those that do, make it generally at home, on expense of their leisure time which should be devoted to fun and family. But, if you are a manager, you should be updated and read relevant literature, particularly new books which provide general information, not only in order to keep up with your profession and colleagues, but also to get new ideas and insights, which you cannot acquire from within your workplace. The importance of getting new ideas cannot be exaggerated. These are the triggers which cause us to question our existing operations. New insights are needed in order to arouse thinking about the work we do, the way we do it, and what to do in order to take the necessary steps to protect our market share and be competitive. Additional reading is generally also required in order to implement the needed changes. You can of course carry out the change your way, by implementing a trial and error method until you find the best solutions. To eliminate stumbling blocks however, this should be performed after studying more, and learning what others did. Few managers are able to devote the time needed to read articles, let alone to read books. Relatively large uninterrupted blocks of time are needed for attentive reading. Time that most managers are not able to allocate, neither can they squeeze it into their working routine. Generally when time management is considered, we refer to shifting working time from one task to another. Statistics indicate that managers waste in average about 8% of working time on traveling. In addition about the same time is wasted on commuting at least an hour per day, to and from work. Thus in total about 34 hours per month, are wasted, which with today’s technology, can be used in order get the knowledge needed to be updated and informed about new methods and ideas. First, there are excellent sources of audible material, including magazines, books, and news briefs, on any subject, which you can record on a Disk or a MP3 player for listening during the travel time. In addition, you are not limited to hearing audible material. Excellent and affordable software, which converts text to speech with almost a human read quality, is today available, to which you can listen while traveling. The ability to control the player, by stopping and resuming the reading with a single push button, enables to ponder and think about the content, before going on. By utilizing available technologies, the wasted time on the road can be converted to the most fruitful time of the day. By becoming updated, getting new knowledge and new insights, you will probably contribute to your company far beyond any other occupation at work. Most important, by converting travel time to important work issues, you will learn that less time is required to reach the desired results. The added travel time will eventually decrease working hours, allowing more leisure time, which you can manage to get more fun, more time with family, more time to do the things that really matter, and which you like most.